Privacy Policy


The Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”) requires The Georgian Peaks Club (“we”, “us”, “our” or the “Club“) to have a policy for its commercial activities. The privacy of members and employees is important to the Club and so the Club has adopted a privacy policy (the “Policy”) which applies equally to employees, members and commercial customers.

We collect information about our members and commercial customers in connection with the services that we provide and we also collect information from employees and from potential employees in connection with our hiring practices.

This Policy explains our personal information practices.



Information collected from Members

As part of the process of admitting members we collect the following information: names and birthdates of the master member and the master member’s spouse and children; contact information including home, business and seasonal home telephone numbers, facsimile numbers, and email addresses; cell phone numbers; home addresses; other club memberships; and credit card information.

Information Collected from Commercial Customers

The information collected from commercial clients generally consists of the names of the participants, contact information, addresses for billing and credit card information.

Information Collected from Employees/Potential Employees

With respect to potential employees we collect only that information that is reasonably necessary to assess an individual’s application for and suitability for employment and to administer our employees. The information that is collected includes names, addresses, phone numbers, email address, references, ski experience, work/education background and history and such information contained in a résumé or that is obtained from references. After a person is hired we collect bank accounts, social insurance numbers, medical history, as well as information regarding performance and in addition we obtain copies of driver’s licenses for anyone who will be driving a motor vehicle.

Personal information does not include the business contact information of our employees such as the Club’s business telephone, mobile phone and email addresses of our employees, nor does it include the name and business title of the Club’s employees.



Member Personal Information

We collect information from our members for the following purposes:

·         To facilitate the on-going operation and management of the affairs of the Club;

·         To maintain systems for billing and collection of initiation fees, annual dues, assessments, locker rentals, parking charges, fees for social events, summer club memberships and programs, monies due from fundraising events, fees for guest passes, alpine programs, Nursery Program services, point of sale charges and other fees or charges as determined by the Club from time to time;

·         To determine membership status and category;

·         To communicate various matters relating to the Club including sending periodic mailings;

·         To publish a roster of Club members, including their address, telephone numbers and the names of their spouses and children and, in the case of children, their year of birth in both a written form and in an electronic form;

·         To maintain emergency contacts/ information;

·         To comply with insurance requirements, including accident investigation;

·         To assemble demographic and other information to assist the Club with annual, long range and strategic planning; and

·         To assist with program planning and operations generally.

If you tell us that you do not wish us to keep the above information, we will destroy it.  If at any time you advise us that you do not wish to receive the weekly flyer or you want your name removed from the electronic club roster your request will be honoured within 48 of the request being made. If you advise us that you do not want your name appearing in the printed club roster your name will not be included if you advise us before November 1 of the applicable year. Refer to the section below entitled How can I access and update my Personal Information? for instructions on how to notify us of your preferences.

Personal information is not shared with anyone outside of the Club aside from our insurance carrier who may need to know certain information in order to assess risks, manage risks or process claims. We do not disclose customer’s personal information to others without your consent, except as required or permitted by law.

Commercial Customer Personal Information

We collect, use and maintain personal information (credit card information and where applicable contact information) for the following service purposes:

·         to fulfill orders;

·         to issue lift tickets or other entrance fees;

·         to provide lessons and/or

·         to organize programs/races.

If you tell us that you do not wish us to keep the above information, we will destroy it. As a general rule credit card information is destroyed after the applicable payment has been processed and paid.

We may also use personal information we keep for marketing purposes such as to contact you (whether by email, telephone, direct mail, or another medium of communication) about using our facilities again in the future.

Applicants for Employment Personal Information

We use personal information of applicants for employment only for the purpose of assessing suitability for employment.  If the applicant is successful we will also retain and use the information collected in the course of assessing the application for employment.  We may retain applicant information for a period of 3 months from the date of application for the purpose of assessing an individual’s suitability for other employment opportunities with our organization that might become available.  Applicant personal information is destroyed after 3 months from the date of application if no employment with our organization materializes in that time period.  Disposal is executed by shredding or another secure disposal mechanism. 

Employee Personal Information

We collect and use personal information about our employees for employment purposes, such as:

·         to manage an individual’s employment relationship with us;

·         to evaluate an individual’s performance in their job;

·         to administer compensation and insurance, employment and retirement related benefits;

·         to promote the health and safety of the workplace; and

·         if applicable, to investigate whether to terminate an employment relationship or to make a decision about whether to terminate employment.

From time to time we may monitor emails and computer use of our systems by employees.  This is done in order to ensure that the Club systems and email infrastructure are used exclusively for legitimate business purposes and to protect our systems from unauthorized use.  We try to minimize intrusiveness when we do this.

We also may use personal information in our files about individuals who were, but are no longer, employed by us, for some of the purposes listed above to the extent necessary to satisfy an obligation which survives employment or to assess a former employee’s suitability for new employment with us and to contact individuals about such potential employment opportunities.



Sometimes, individuals or organizations may ask for information about our existing or former employees.  Typically we do not disclose personal information about our employees or former employees unless specifically directed to do so by the employee or if we are compelled by law or a court order. 

In rare instances where there is an urgent health issue, we may share information which relates to an employee’s health or well being with his or her family.  We only do this where this is an urgent health issue and such disclosure appears to be in the employee’s best interest. 

Sometimes our former employees ask us to share their personal information with other organizations for the purposes of an employment reference. Our policy on references is limited to confirming information provided to us.  An employee’s request for a reference means that we are authorized to disclose such information to the person seeking the reference, or a person acting on their behalf.



Anyone providing us with information is made aware of the purpose for which their personal information is collected, used or disclosed through the availability of this Policy. We only collect personal information by fair and lawful means and will only store such personal information as is necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this Policy. We only use or disclose personal information in accordance with the purposes for which it was originally collected, unless you have otherwise consented, or when it is required or permitted by law.


We retain the personal information that we collect for so long as such personal information is useful or may be required. Except where required or authorized at law, when personal information is no longer required for the purposes for which it has been collected, such personal information (if it continues to be in our possession) will be made anonymous or destroyed. It should be noted that information is retained after a person ceases to be a member in the event that the person wishes to rejoin at a later point in time.

Personal Information is only made available on a need to know basis and information that is maintained electronically is password protected and paper files are kept in a locked cabinet.

The club roster specifically states that “This is not to be used for solicitation”.


We make efforts to ensure that the personal information we use and keep is accurate, complete and up-to-date. You may request to review and/or correct your personal information. Also you may contact us to tell us, if you do not wish us to:

·         Keep your personal information for future service purposes;

·         Use your personal information for marketing purposes; or

·         made publically available in the Club roster

Contact us by email at [email protected] or by calling us at (519) 599-6771 ext 269


Our General Manager is the person responsible for our personal information practices and monitors ongoing compliance with our privacy policy. You can contact our General Manager by email at [email protected] or by mail as follows:

General Manager
The Georgian Peaks Club
P.O. Box 400
Thornbury, ON N0H 2P0


This privacy policy is effective as of November l, 2008. It may be amended from time to time in which event, we will post the revised version here.