LIFE PEAKS in the presence of happiness, and happiness can mean many things.

It Peaks on the edge of a ski on a turn you're barely holding. It Peaks in the hills you climb in the company of only your thoughts. Life Peaks in friendly conversations on the chair, the air in your nostrils and in the clompity-clomp of ski boots in the Lodge. It Peaks in the smiles on our children's faces, and the smiles those create on ours. Life Peaks in starting gates, toes cold enough to let us know we're alive and beers so cold, they don't get any better.

It Peaks in Volunteers carrying ski coats, funny helmet days and friends at the bar who say "How do you do?" Not "What do you do?" Life Peaks in wondrous ways. But when you can look back after a weekend, tired muscles and all and proclaim "It doesn't get any better than this!", this much reveals itself:

Life, for all the beauty and adrenaline and community it has to offer, Peaks HERE!