Lifestyle Programs 

Snowshoeing & Hiking

The Loree Forest loop of the Bruce Trail is located at the top of Champlain and is yours to discover by snowshoe or by cross country skis. Experience nature through the beautiful snow-covered forest and take in the magnificent views of Georgian Bay. You can also explore the 32 km Georgian Trail which runs along directly in front of the Club.

Hockey & Ice Skating

Enjoy ice skating, hockey lessons, shinny and 3-on-3 hockey games on our beautiful outdoor skating rink located behind the West Lodge. Skate during the day or under the lights at night.


Wellness Sessions

A balanced, healthy lifestyle is important but sometimes hard to fit into the family schedule. Our Wellness Sessions are scheduled to allow you to 'fit' a session in while the family is engaged in their own programming. Yoga, Pilates and fitness boot camps are all on our Event Calendar.

Saturdays 10-11am
Stretch, Stabilize and Mobilize

These sessions will reflect the diverse expertise that we have at Active Life Conditioning and will range from a classic Yoga, Fascial Stretch or Pilates class. Great for all ages and types of athletes and anyone looking to move better in life. Bring your own yoga mat, a stretchy TheraBand and tennis or trigger ball each week and be ready for anything.  You will leave feeling taller and activated.

Sunday 10 - 11am
Strength & Conditioning

Taking the elements from the popular ALC Push Your Pace and Nooner classes this session will touch on a combination of Speed, Agility, Strength, Core, Balance and Conditioning that will set you up for a great ski season. Bring your own yoga mat, loop resistance band, moderate Theraband. 

Elevation Club

Enjoy a hike up the Escarpment with the challenge of tracking your own progress and setting individual goals. The Elevation Club seeks to inspire exercise within the beauty of nature allowing individuals to set their own pace. Track your climbs using the Elevation Club board on the Main floor of the Lodge.

SnowTrails Map


Skinning is the act of skiing up a hill. If you want to skin, you have to have special bindings on your skis. The bindings are different than normal alpine ski bindings in that the heal releases and the toe portion pivots so that you move your foot up and down like you are hiking but the skis are still on your feet. The skins also clip to your skis so they don't fall off. Skinning is also called touring.
There is a section marked off on the west side of Champlain for skinning. Skinning is allowed during operating hours on our open days.

The above map indicates the skinning trail, marked in red and the yellow hiking trail. Access to the hiking trails is on the west side of the Champlain chair near Freeloader.

Please note for safety reasons, all dogs on the hiking trail must be on a leash.