Message to the Membership from the Board of Directors


Message to the Membership from the Board of Directors

On Sunday March 15th, the Board of Directors along with our GM, made the difficult but necessary decision to close Georgian Peaks. Many of you were able to have a few last runs in the sun on our beautifully, groomed hills. At the time, no one could have anticipated that the COVID-19 pandemic would have such a devastating impact on the entire world. The loss of life is unfathomable. The economic toll will be long lasting and the anxiety created for all has been traumatic.

The Peaks has always been about family and relationships. In fact Georgian Peaks is a family in and of itself and its times like these that reaffirm the value of our special Club and the connections we all share. The Board of Directors felt that at this time it was important for us to touch base with all of you, provide some answers to questions you may have and look to the future as best we can.

The Club has survived many times of adversity. We are fully optimistic in saying that the Peaks will get back to the business of skiing and family fun, but at this specific moment, we cannot confirm any details of what next season might look like. We are planning for all eventualities and numerous scenarios. First and foremost, as your Board, we remain committed to plans that prioritize the safety for all Members, Staff and Guests. While there are many steps involved to getting back to normal, we know we can count on the Membership’s support as we navigate these uncharted waters.

Here is what we know:

· We are hopeful that the numbers of new COVID-19 cases will continue to fall and the construction restrictions will be eased allowing a resumption of work on site of the new lodge as early as June. Obviously, much of this is out of our hands but we continue to be in dialogue with our consultants and contractors to minimize any extensions to the overall schedule and maintaining budget with the clear commitment to stay on track for completion of Project Legacy for the 20/21 ski season.

· Within the next couple of weeks the Ontario Ski Resort Association (OSRA) we will be releasing a best practice guideline and template for ski areas to use as we plan for winter operations in this new reality. “The effort is a first of its kind in that all regional ski resort operator associations across Canada are working together in the creation of this national document. The national American association is also involved, so it will actually encompass resorts throughout North America”. Kevin Nichol, President OSRA

· The Georgian Peaks Club’s Board of Directors and Management will continue to look for informed direction from health authorities both provincially and nationally. We are drawing up plans for both short and long term risk mitigation as well as the various scenarios we may face as a Club. These plans must include the impact to our economic health, athlete programs, employees and sustainability.

· The health and safety of our Membership, Staff and Visitors is our number one priority

I personally wanted to extend my thanks for your efforts in the community. Working on the front lines in hospital, I have seen the impact that the effort of Ontarians has had toward saving lives and protecting our population. Continue your acts of kindness and compassion and be patient.

At the present time, the Club remains closed with the Outside Operations Team working under the guidance from OSRA on our annual maintenance. This is aligned with item 20 under the maintenance section of the Province’s essential workplaces. The Club is utilizing the provincial wage subsidy CEWS and TWS at this time to cover the work done by full time Employees.

If you have specific questions about Club activities please contact Chris Beckett at or Marg Jones at .

Wishing you and your family a safe spring and summer.




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 Wendy Townsend on behalf of the Georgian Peaks Board of Directors