COVID-19 Update August 2020


As the end of August nears, we hope you have been enjoying a safe and active summer with your families and loved ones. With Fall now just around the corner, anticipation and excitement are normally the feelings we have as skiers for the upcoming ski season. As this health crisis continues, many services and activities have resumed under phase 3, which is great news. That said, some uncertainty remains as many families are now focused on getting kids back to school in the safest way possible. Work and financial pressures have no doubt impacted so many since this all began.

Your Board of Directors felt it was important to reach out to provide you with an update and some good news about our upcoming ski season.

The Club’s Board and Management are very focused and resolved on providing as normal a ski season as possible under the allowable rules and direction from the relevant health authorities. We are planning to be open for skiing (as weather permits) and to enjoy the use of our new lodge which is slated for completion sometime in October. Invoices have gone out and we have received many questions regarding certain aspects of the upcoming season. The good news is that the activities we all love to enjoy at the club such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking is all done in a natural, controlled outdoor setting and with ample space around us.

That said, obviously, the delivery of all services will be impacted in some way. As a Membership you have shown patience, perseverance and resolve through these very difficult months. Our hope is that skiing provides some reprieve for our Peaks families and a chance to enjoy the outdoors. We know you will show the same determination and flexibility you have demonstrated over these uncertain times. This will no doubt be a collective effort and a chance to shine as a club of members with a common goal.

This situation is fluid and we are planning for several eventualities. Our ongoing goal will be to provide the Membership with clear direction to facilitate a safe return to skiing and use of the Club.

This is what we know as of today:

1. Grey County Health has been working with all ski resorts in the area and together with the GM’s of the Escarpment Clubs have developed a collegial approach to opening safely. 

2. Georgian Peaks has formed a COVID Committee and we will take our direction from the municipal, provincial and federal guidelines with support from the OSRA (Ontario Snow Resort Association).

3. Food and beverage will be served in a safe and newly efficient way to maintain physical distancing

4. The new lodge adds 40,000 square feet of new indoor space and we plan to utilize the old lodge for additional seating as required (in addition to West Lodge and the Alpine Center)

Programs have been a concern for many of you. Additional information will be forthcoming as we receive it from ACA, AOA and Freestyle Ontario. Race schedules will be altered and movement between Clubs will be impacted. We remain cautiously optimistic on continuing to allow guests. At this point, we anticipate guests will be allowed in a limited and controlled number. We know that guests are a very important part of Club life and an important source of new Members. On that point, we have invoiced families for the normal allotment of guest passes but the expiry date has been extended on those passes to provide flexibility. 

Interestingly the inquiries for new Members is up sizably for this upcoming season. We’ve had an abnormally high level of inquiries throughout the month of August. This reaffirms perhaps what we already know: That Georgian Peaks is the Club to join in 2021 and into the foreseeable future. We have capacity to take this challenge on and we will do it together!

We will keep the Membership informed with more details and direction as we move through the fall. The AGM is slated for November and we will keep you apprised regarding this year’s format. 

Be safe and be kind to one and other.



Wendy Townsend
Nick Hamilton
Incoming President
Chris Beckett 
General Manager