COVID-19 Update #6


COVID-19 – Georgian Peaks Update

Monday, April 6, 2020

Dear Members,
We hope our Peaks Family is well and staying safe.
On Friday, Premier Doug Ford announced more stringent measures in a bid to avert the further spread of COVID-19. The new measures include closing industrial construction sites except for those projects considered essential, such as hospitals for at least 14 days.
As a result of that, Dalton has temporarily closed all of its construction sites, including our new lodge.  They intend to return to the site as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, they are unable to say when this will be given the uncertainty over how long the Pandemic will impact their business, and when construction in the province will return to normal. 
We have been in touch with our Construction Managers at Dalton to ensure the site is safe and secure and as a result, they are implementing the following:
  • Remove equipment and materials from the job site that are susceptible to theft or vandalism or store in a secure location.
  • Ensure the site is secure and cannot be accessed unless there is an emergency.
  • Once the site has been secured, they will have periodic site visits to ensure all is in order.
Once the extent of the closure is known, we will work with Dalton to develop a new schedule.
Please feel free to contact Chris at if you have any questions.

Chris Beckett 
General Manager
Wendy Townsend