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Special Snowmaking Message


As we have all been very aware last evening the temperatures dropped to snowmaking levels for the first time in a very long time. We had previously communicated our plan to focus on Rogers and Riot and a few spots at the top and bottom of Champlain.


We began making snow last night after 1:00 am. At 2:45 we had a break in the line running right up the middle of Champlain. The fault was significant enough that we were faced with the decision to either shut down that zone or compromise the snow on Champlain significantly.


Unfortunately Rogers and Champlain are fed by the same pipes so we have been forced to alter plans for today. The team adjusted immediately and switched over to Minute so that we would continue to produce as much snow as possible today. We are also working intensely on Riot and will stay there throughout the day.


It is not possible to repair the pipe on Champlain, which needs to be completely excavated and welded and then covered again, while we are operating. We have made the decision to close at 3:00 today in order to give our team some critical daylight hours to repair the pipe so that we can get on to Rogers as soon as possible.


The weather forecast is promising and we will continue to produce snow continuously through these adjustments.